Flipped Classroom Defined

The flipped classroom provides avenues for teachers to become facilitators of learning and move away from the saga on a stage approach to teaching. The foundational concepts of instructors guiding students or facilitating their progress are based on the idea that the instructor is no longer at the center of the interaction and application of knowledge. The instructor remains available to students as a facilitator of resources, a resource who should frequently check students for understanding for their learning. The teacher, when necessary will provide guidance in how to process the information for a unit of study. The facilitators role in a flipped classroom changes dramatically in that the teacher becomes a source to students in how to better use the resources, process information and how to apply the core concepts to real life situations.

In the flipped classroom, students are at the center of knowledge obtainment and are linked to the process in engaged activities as they are asked to perform authentic task. Along with the challenge of being a guide to the side comes the challenge to develop new skills in facilitation. These new instructional strategies, are to include being able to facilitate the learning process without influencing student choices or work and being able to oversee the growth and development of students throughout a unit of study so that they can contribute clearly and definitively to their own learning. To find out more about the Flipped Classroom go to The Flipped Classroom.

Online Flyers and Newsletters

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